Step 1: Pre-contemplation

As you can see, it is December 28, the time of year when most of the Christmas cookies have migrated to our thighs and the planning starts for reversing this.  Happily, yesterday I stepped on the scales and, although I felt 20 pounds heavier, my weight had not budged.  This is largely thanks to my 3 years of intermittent fasting.

But lately, I have been feeling like I could do more to feel better.  Last Spring, I joined a program that combines kickboxing with strength training six days per week, thinking that would up my energy level.  But, feeling very comfortable at my current weight and with my current eating plan, I did not change my diet as they recommended.   Things have gone downhill since then.  I am in my last year of grad school so have been traveling a lot interviewing for jobs. This wreaked havoc on my eating and my exercise routine, and I just returned to kickboxing after 3 months away.

Today, I have pimples on my face where I’ve never had them.  I am chronically itchy and it has gotten worse.  I am not sleeping well, and my energy is down.  I am generally against diets that seem short-term and unsustainable.  Especially for weight loss.  Given that I have the weight thing under control with fasting (my BMI is 20.5), I am prepared to strictly commit to the whole 30 plan for one month.  If it does make me feel better, I will continue it in whatever form I can sustain.  If not, I will return to fasting and somehow try and eat more fruits and vegetables (!!).

I will, over the next few days, try and make some changes just for the sake of being healthier and feeling better.  My plan is to start the plan in earnest on January 1 and be strict about it for 30 days.  I will post updates as I go, and hopefully share some good recipes.