Day 5: Mania and recipes

I had my first start on December 28.  I am on break from school, so things went pretty well with the cooking, but then New Year’s Eve hit.  I went to a birthday party with my boyfriend and did pretty well, sipping black coffee and eating a banana while he drank beer.

Afterwards we went to his house… and his kids had made all sorts of treats.  I think the moment I decided to cheat was when he showed me a chunk of blue cheese he was going to put on the steaks.  Two of his friends and two of my friends were coming over, and I knew refusing junk food on NYE would not be cool to them (I am not overweight, so….).

I ended up having: 2 beers, chips with taco dip, blue cheese and bananas foster crepes.  Needless to say, I felt SICK (this is not new, I always feel sick when I eat junk food).  It was not really worth it for the food experience, but probably for the social experience.  I justified it by reminding myself that initially I had planned on starting January 1.

But then I re-started on January 1.  And things have been going well since then.  The first go around I felt achy and foggy on Day 4, but this time I haven’t had much of that.  So I think the first four days were not a complete waste.  I have been eating a lot, and don’t really feel that I have lost any weight, but I realize that may not happen.  Over Christmas I re-started kickboxing and strength training through Farrell’s, a gym that is mainly in the Midwest.  Some days the kickboxing is harder than others, although I have found that if I have just eaten prior to going, I don’t get stomach aches like I do with regular food.

Goals check-in:

I am going to do a goals check-in every few days, just to be mindful of how I am progressing.

  1. Have more energy:  On Sunday, especially (2 days ago), I almost felt manic.  I had tons of energy and was in a great mood.  Yesterday I felt kind of slow, but still in a great mood.  So far, so good.
  2. Sleep better:  I have had two nights so far where I slept like a rock.  That usually only happens when I am very tired, and seeing as I have been on break since October, it has not been happening much.
  3. Get rid of flab:  Hard to tell since I have not been wearing work-out clothes very often.
  4. Decrease itching/sensitivity to certain fabrics: Has improved somewhat.  Not completely gone.


Recipe of the day:

Moroccan beef and sweet potato stew

Beef and sweet potato stew.jpg


How many of you are just starting the Whole 30?  What have some of your greatest struggles been so far?

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