Day 9:  Holy (subjective) hypoglycemia

Yesterday I got back to the town where I go to school and decided to really challenge myself:  kickboxing class and, because I had made that challenge to myself, I would run to that class.  Everything was going well with the run until I had to wait a long time  to cross a busy intersection.  As soon as I started up I felt a bit dizzy, then I started feeling weak, hot and hungry.  I ended up walking the last mile and going to the grocery store to get some water and bananas.  I felt much better by the end of the warm-up to class, so it ended up being ok.

This also happened nearly a week ago when I was running at my mom’s gym.  I took a bathroom break and BOOM! dizzy, warm, hungry.  It was a Sunday so the little cafe was not open and I had to pick the sunflower seeds and raisins out of a vending machine trail mix.

What happened?  My eating for the day had been bad, that’s what happened.  Yesterday, my dad, who is doing this with me, was all excited about a papaya he had bought and allowed to ripen, so we each had papaya with breakfast.  I couldn’t find any veggies laying around (my grocery shopping had lapsed since I was leaving) so I just had eggs and pulled pork with the papaya.  Then, during what would have been lunch I was driving back to school.  I almost forgot about lunch, but when I remembered I scarfed down about 3 cups of carrots (I know, I know…Costco…) and two packets of applesauce.  I really wasn’t hungry when I got home and thought I would be fine until after the gym…but I was wrong.  Almost as a premonition, earlier in the day I had driven by a shopping center that I knew had a cupcake place in it (I have never actually seen the cupcake place) and could not stop thinking about cupcakes for the rest of the day.

So to sum it up, I think it was the fruit that did me in.  I am feeling more stabilized with my cravings now (well, I was before yesterday) and I think I need to eat less fruit.  I would have a banana or apple with almond butter after my evening workouts during week 1 and I think I need to switch to something more protein-based now.  I am also going to stay away from white potatoes, because I can’t stop making hashbrowns.

Has anyone else had certain foods they seem to be overeating, or that are causing blood sugar swings or bad reactions?

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