Whole 30: Fail.

I did not succeed at the whole 30.  I gained weight, and then became frustrated at how restrictive it was, and how it did not allow for cheating.  My mantra with diets has always been that it should be sustainable, and Whole 30 just isn’t.  All in all, I lasted three weeks.

My problems with Whole 30:

  1. It’s too restrictive.  It cuts out things that are healthy.  I understand this is to see if you have a problem with these foods, but I became convinced after two weeks that I did not have a problem with those foods.  As a bonus, when I feel restricted, I overeat and get really lazy.
  2. It’s not sustainable.  It’s not supposed to be sustainable, but it does not even seem to be leading to something sustainable.  You see people on R4D5 or whatever.  People use it as a diet, but just gain and lose the same pounds.  That’s not healthy physically or psychologically.

No, an eating plan should be something you want to do every day.  And fasting is that for me.  I am at a good point with how I look, but there is one problem… a bridesmaid dress I bought for a wedding in May does not fit!!  I could easily just buy a bigger size, but it seems to fit everywhere except my waist, and it is almost zipping.  I am convinced it would zip if I hadn’t had pancakes for breakfast this morning, that’s how close we are.

I plan on cutting back on carbs for a while, and if in a month it still doesn’t fit, I will get a new dress.  I always have these grand, cutting back on carbs plans that do not work.  So I am going to do the South Beach Diet, in addition to my fasting routine.  I did SBD in college and loved the food and the results, but my problem since has been these vague plans to do it again, or starting at phase 2.  No.  This time, I will start at phase 1 with the two weeks of eggs, eggs and more eggs and then go from there.  I really have no plans to buy a whole new wardrobe, so I am only going for a 5-pound loss.  If that doesn’t happen, or doesn’t get me into the dress, then I will get a new dress.  Period.