Day 15: Weight gain

Well, school started again so I have had less time to post.  Also less time to think about cheating!

It’s been kind of a rough week, but I think I have turned a corner.  I had headaches for the first three days this week, I think just nerves about going back to school and learning to tolerate longer days.  Possibly some sort of diet phenomenon too.  As a result, I did not complete my running challenge.  I would say I ran only 3 of the planned 7.  Oops.  Part of that was because I went to the gym twice with a friend intending to run, but we ended up doing other things.  I did go to kickboxing twice.

I have a huge confession to make.  I weighed myself.  And I’m up about 3-4 pounds.  I have weighed myself a few times, actually, and my weight has varied but it is definitely not down or equal to my starting weight.  As a result, I am going to try and schedule in 2 fast days this coming week.  Probably one on Saturday (tomorrow) and one next Tuesday.  Right now it does not feel as restrictive to fast since I feel like I have discovered a wide array of food choices and do not feel limited.  I have done low carb diets before and was never really able to get below 142 on them (I am at 139 right now…) so I suspected this could happen without fasting.

You may argue that it’s too soon to tell.  While I am technically day 15, I had four days just before day 1 where I was compliant and just had a slip up on day 4.  So I think I am far enough into this thing to be a little freaked out about some weight gain.

Anyone else gain weight on the Whole 30?