Day 7: Heaviness and a new challenge

Well, nearly a full week in!  I am not having as many problems with “carb flu” as I was, I think because I am eating a Larabar before kickboxing (people frown on this, but I think eating it before a hard workout is good).  No cravings.

One thing I do feel is kind of heavy.  Not bloated (!!), but like my feet are magnetic.  Also, when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel ready to go, I feel like I could sleep longer and usually I can.  This is probably a good thing since I am usually a light sleeper.

Now that I am one week in, I’ve decided to try a challenge for one week.

Challenge 1:  Running

I like to run, but it kind of goes by the wayside in winter.  Last winter, I actually did run several times per week outside, because I was training for a marathon.  This winter, I haven’t been as good.

My challenge to myself will be, for the next seven days, to run six miles per day.  I will start today, because next Thursday I have to work from 6am-10pm, so will not exercise at all that day.

Check out the new recipe I cooked today!  Crockpot Thai Curry